Organizational Team Building

It's been said that the kitchen is the oldest classroom for building strong bonds. Cooking as a team can help build strong bonds between coworkers.
At the Delish culinary center, we offer a relaxed and professionally designed atmosphere that is ideal for team building activities. Through our cooking classes, the individuals in your group will contribute their unique skills to the completion of tasks that will lead to the creation of a wonderful meal they will ultimately share. We'll build a custom program with your team leaders to focus on the specific issues facing your business.

Team building through cooking improves working relationships by:

  • Encouraging co-workers to have fun while working as a team in a neutral enviroment
  • Improving communication skills by creating common understanding
  • Increasing trust while breaking down prior barriers
  • Uncovering and assessing strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Creating opportunities to develop short and long term action plans
  • Providing opportunities to celebrate your team's strengths and accomplishments

Who Should Attend?

  • Teams that have earned a rewarding, fun business experience after a tough 2009
  • Teams with new leadership
  • Teams in conflict
  • Teams in need of revitalization
  • New teams or teams with new membership

Other Information about our Team Building Classes

  • These special class menus are custom designed to meet your group's specific goals and objectives.
  • We'll split your team into groups of no more than 4 where everyone puts on an apron and pitches in; cooking several recipes together that you all share
  • Sessions are generally two hours long, depending on the needs of your group
  • Participants eat all food that is prepared and are given customized copies of all recipes packets to take home

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual"...Vince Lombardi, Hall of Fame Coach

For more information please contact
Debbie Clark, Chef-Owner
(716) 881-2022