Pastry Shop

The Delish! retail bakery is unlike any this area has ever seen, in fact ArtVoice awarded Delish "The Best Bakery in Buffalo." And Buffalo Spree voted us "Best Cookies & Cooking Classes" three years in a row!! The attention-grabbing entrance on Amherst Street in historic Black Rock features gorgeous cakes and a tempting variety of baked goods that were previously only available for purchase at high end restaurants and private clubs.

Before you enter the building at 414 Amherst Street, you will be intrigued by the facade. You will look through the all glass window store front where you will see the handsome retail store with dark wood wainscoting, marble topped counters and warm welcoming tones. As you look around you will see a beautifully stocked display case filled with delectable , artistically decorated "Fairy Cakes," a variety of bar cookies, glazed raspberry and cinnamon-sugar scones, just to name a few. There is a selection of sweets sold by the pound, amazing fresh fudge, biscotti, freshly baked cookies, hand dipped chocolates, and a lovely assortment of colorful imported candies and licorice. Along the wall you'll find a collection of the hottest gourmet sauces, marinades, spices and our totally addictive house bottled Delish Balsamic Vinegar that's imported from Northern Italy just for us and our amazing Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with high-end kitchen wares for you to bring home and start experimenting with. We also carry a large selection of party platters, cutting boards and dessert display items.

You will take home your purchases in funky hot pink boxes decorated with colorful ribbons, suitable to bring along to a party as a gift for the hostess or to surprise a friend with a sweet gift!

Download a copy of our Dessert List!

SPECIAL WARNING: our house bottled Delish Balsamic Vinegar (imported just for us from Northern Italy) and our Napa Valley (First Press, Cold Press) Extra Virgin Olive Oil are totally addictive!!